Patient Rights


Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Thank you for choosing Doctors Hospital for your medical care. We believe the more information our patients have about their upcoming stay, the more comfortable and successful their patient experience can be. The purpose of this patient guide is to alleviate stress about your stay and answer frequently asked questions. Here is what to expect during getting healthcare services from Doctors Hospital.

Patient Rights

The following are the rights of patients admitted to Doctors Hospital & Medical Center

  • To expect complete privacy of the medical information provided to the hospital and of all aspects of their care
  • To request a second opinion on any treatment that is suggested or done while in the hospital
  • To be treated with compassion and respect at all times while being treated
  • To have family members or another person involved in their medical care and decisions at the patient’s request
  • Every patient has the right to be given effective communication and written information appropriate to their ability to understand
  • Every patient has the right to be given information regarding reasonable alternatives to their care
  • Every patient has the right to refuse medical treatment and surgical treatment
  • All patients have the right to be treated in a safe setting free of abuse or harassment and neglect
  • Patients should be informed at all times of any unanticipated outcomes of treatment and care.

Patient Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of patients admitted to Doctors Hospital & Medical Center

  • To respect hospital staff
  • To respect hospital property
  • To provide the hospital with accurate and complete information about your medical history
  • Ask your caregivers for more information if you do not understand your illness or treatment
  • To provide the hospital with necessary payment and/or insurance information
  • To abide by hospital rules and regulations
  • To pay your bills on time

Mutual Respect

Doctors Hospital treats all patients and their attendants with courtesy and respect. Our staff expects the same from patients and their attendants so that we can all work together towards providing the best healing environment for all of our patients.

If there is any incidence of verbal or physical abuse of our staff or violation of hospital rules, we reserve the right to transfer the patient to some other facility and register a complaint with police authorities.

Consent forms

When admitted to Doctors Hospital you will be asked to review and sign certain consent forms. These consent forms are present to ensure that you and the hospital staff are in agreement over various considerations regarding your treatment. Please make sure to review these forms in detail as a signature will represent your full agreement to the terms and conditions listed. Our goal is complete transparency with our patients.

Designated Support Person

In emergencies, the doctor may not be able to communicate directly with the patient regarding their treatment. In these situations, we request that the patient’s loved ones designate one person with whom the doctor can communicate regarding the patient’s condition. Repeating information to multiple family members or friends can take away time that can be directed towards treating other patients with emergencies.


The Hospital has a uniform pricing policy for all the patients who approach the hospital for their treatment/procedures along with an integrated software system for billing purposes and the pricing policy is fixed through this system by the management.

No individual operator can apply a different charge for the same hospital service provided to two different patients. Tariff is made available for patients on a verbal basis, however, if the patient requires a hard copy, it may be provided upon the patient’s request. The tariff is available to all operators in the system. They can print this tariff.

Whenever a patient is admitted to the hospital for observation / medical management or some surgical procedure, they are educated properly about the estimated cost of treatment by the concerned staff at the counter.

The Hospital bill contains two parts. One is Hospital billing and the other one is the consultant portion. The hospital bill may be estimated according to the number of days that you will stay in the hospital and the nature of the procedure while the consultant portion may be updated after confirmation from the consultant.

Sometimes patients approach the hospital on an emergency basis and have been advised for admission at some certain location. Secondly, it may be possible to shift the admitted patient to some other location according to the condition of the patient.

The cost of treatment varies due to changes in patient location. In these situations, the patient and family are very well informed about the financial implication due to a change in location according to the situation the patient by the concerned Accounts Officer.

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