Mission & Vision


The Doctors, Nurses, and Staff strive to provide accessible, innovative, and all-rounded medical care to our patients that is at par with international standards.

  • Aim to provide top-notch services to our patients including both inpatient & outpatient programs that take care of acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Develop catered medical experiences that meet the needs of our patients
  • Provide a safe place for patients to explore other dimensions of health, wellness, & prevention beyond traditional.
  • Provide learning opportunities for the community in a hospital setting


To take Doctors Hospital to the highest level of healthcare delivery in Pakistan while advancing our technology and practising the art of compassion in the service of our patients.

Comprehensive Care & Exceptional Service on Every Visit



We strive to challenge ourselves to do better everyday


We support our patients in every way possible


We approach every medical problem the right way each & every time


We respect the trust our patients have put in us


We ensure that our patients understand each medical decision they take